The Skywatcher 90/900 Telescope

Are you looking for a quality telescope with a good price-performance ratio? You can set your sights on the brand Skywatcher. With its entry-level model Skywatcher 90/900, it is possible to enter the world of astronomy with a reasonable price. This model is intended for beginners in this universe but also for experienced amateurs. It is not, however, recommended for professionals with specific needs.

Technical characteristics

The Skywatcher 90/900 telescope is an instrument designed with an achromatic objective. Therefore, it is composed of two associated lenses  in order to reduce the main chromatic aberrations. As a user, you will certainly appreciate this feature found in all Fraunhofer refractors. Indeed, during your observations, you will notice fewer disturbing iridescent areas. In addition, this device has a focal/diameter ratio of 10. It offers 90mm aperture diameter with 900mm focal length. This advantage is highly appreciated by users of this model.

The mount of this telescope isazimuthal. As a result, it offers great comfort during use and good stability of the tool. It works great for both celestial and terrestrial observations. Besides, you can take full advantage of this mount as it supports spotting scopes and telescopes with additional weight that can reach 5 kg.

On this instrument you can make two types of adjustments: a vertical adjustment with torque limiter and another horizontal one with locking screw. With a rotation of almost 360°, this telescope is easily adjustable from horizon to zenith. This tool features an aluminum tripod with an adjustable height ranging from 70cm to 123cm.


What we love about this telescope is its compact design and fairly light weight. So you can take it wherever you go. You can carry it in the car or in a backpack. With its stable and compact structure, it offers good resistance to wind, vibrations and shocks. Fine-tuning with flexible controls is quite easy and smooth providing good contrast of harvested images.

The disadvantages

The Skywatcher 90/900 telescope is a tool that cannot support additional options. In this context, we can mention the motorization or the GoTo kit. These allow you to enjoy long exposures.

Should we opt for the Skywatcher 90/900?

In the end, this tool presents good value for money. It is an ideal instrument for beginners in astronomy. Thus, they can learn about this universe. Moreover, you can offer it to your child to invite him to discover the world of stars. Its use is quite simple. It is easy to take it out and put it away quickly. Moreover, it allows better observations than other models in the same range. Basically, it is a recommended tool for hobbyists who are looking for a product that offers good performance at a reasonable price.

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