Astronomy Books

Space is an infinite enigma that continues to fascinate more and more people. Children and adults are often seized with a desire to travel across the planets and stars. To frame this passion in the little ones or to live it even with few means, there are interesting books around this theme. Check out this guide to learn more.

Books for children

To encourage your son or daughter to take an interest in this exciting field, various textbooks are recommended.

My astronomy challenge

We can, for example, direct you to “My astronomy challenge”.

This is a book that offers 20 experiments to introduce your children to this theme. It aims to get your little one to wonder about space and the planets while while developing scientific and analytical logic.

Throughout the year, your child will be able to complete the challenges without using the telescope. He will discover the mysteries of the universe using binoculars or even with the naked eye. Each chapter is structured around 4 pages where he can define the required steps and note his progress.

This book is edited by Madame Mizar and Monsieur Alcor. These publishers wanted to communicate to the new generation their passion for the treasures of heaven by offering them the tools they would have liked to have had during their youth.

My Sky and Space Encyclopedia

Also,My Sky and Space Encyclopediais a great gift for ages 6-9.

Published in the series my great discoveries by Gallimard Jeunesse, this collective work answers the most pressing questions about the formation of the Universe, the different constellations and the conquest of space by man. Thanks to this encyclopedia, they will be able to obtain precise and clearly explained answers.

Through enriching illustrations, riddles and detailed maps of the Sky, your child will expand their knowledge around these captivating notions.

To begin at all ages

As the field of astronomy is very exciting, there is no specific age to get into it. So, if you have recently started to take an interest in discipline, these books can be of great use to you.

Beginner’s astronomer’s guide

We can mention the Guide for Beginner Astronomers. Published in Eyrolles editions. This book is written by Vincent Jean Victor. He is an astronomy equipment sales specialist and a trainer at  Nature et DĂ©couvertes. In this versatile book, you will find all the essential notions of astronomy. This comprehensive manual also directs you to the instruments to select depending on your purpose, your budget and where you live. Whether you’re in the city or the countryside, use this versatile guide to make your first sightings successful.

Once you have purchased your instrument, rely on this carefully crafted book to adjust it and find your way around the sky easily. If you want to improve your methods, consult the chapter dedicated to astro-photography.

It is interesting to note that the pocket size of this book will allow you to slip it into your bag for your night outings under the stars.

Similarly, Bernard Pellequer produced a book entitled Petit guide du ciel for the Sciences collection of Editions Points. He held the position of director of the Geospace Observatory of Aniane. With a doctorate in astrophysics, he is currently working as Public Affairs Officer at the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Little guide to the sky

This book, with a preface by Hubert Reeves, consists of 32 detailed maps of the sky. These illustrated supports will allow you to make detailed observations with the naked eye. You will also find practical tips for successful observation.

To learn & observe the stars

Your conquest of the mysteries of the sky will be greatly enriched by maps meticulously drawn up by world-renowned specialists.

The sky with binoculars

Among the references to consult, we can direct you to the sky with binoculars: simply explore the stars and the curiosities of the sky. It is a book whose publication dates from 2017. It is produced by Bertrand d’Armagnac. This author had a brilliant career as an engineer specializing in the space industry. Its Stelvision platform aims to familiarize Internet users with the concepts of astronomy by making it more accessible. He used the notoriety of this activity portal to publish complementary works such as Carte de la Lune.

The sky with binoculars reminds us of the importance of this tool for being captivated by the magic of the universe and unlocking all its secrets. It revolves around 35 observation sheets to discover according to the season indicated. This simple, clear and practical guide is conducive to escaping into the heart of nature to contemplate the celestial vault.

Stelvision 365

We can mention another interesting book by the same author: Stelvision 365. This book, in a practical format, is presented as a map of the sky to easily locate the stars, every day of the year. This book was so successful that over 100,000 copies were sold. Stelvision 365 is presented as a hardcover leaflet enriched with a guide that directs you to the treasures of the sky.

Thanks to the rotating disc on the cover, you can easily locate the stars at the date and time of your choice. This card works in France as well as in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. It is enough that the latitude in the north is between 40° to 55°.

When you open your leaflet, you will find that there is a page dedicated to planets that can be easily observed and which are Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. You can use the scout cards to record their movement on the removable sheet which can be used until 2024. This educational set also contains two pages dedicated to star clusters and galaxies to be able to spot them even with a medium telescope or simple binoculars.

The solar system

The Solar System is a complete work published by the publisher Place des Victoires. It promises you an exceptional visual experience through which you will discover the planets, moons and other celestial entities in a playful and clear way.

First of all, you will discover a meticulous presentation of the solar system made up, among other things, of 8 main planets and  162 planetary moons. All these elements are discussed one by one in detail. Each planet is studied from all aspects according to its distance from the sun. Surface, diameter, volume and temperature… no data is neglected to allow you an authentic visualization of each element. Thus, the reader embarks on a journey that will take him from the surface of Mars to the discovery of the rings of Saturn.

Behind this book is former radio astronomer Marcus Chown. He earned a Master of Science degree from the California Institute of Technology with a specialization in astrophysics. Chown has already published various textbooks aimed at popularizing certain fundamental scientific concepts, particularly in astronomy. Currently, he works as a cosmology consultant for New Scientist, a magazine specializing in science and technology.

To remember

Now that you have all the avenues to explore your passion for astronomy, do not hesitate to order the books that interest you.