The Skywatcher 150/750 Telescope

Sky-Watcher is one of the most popular telescope brands in the world of astronomy. The Sky-Watcher Explorer 150/750 telescope is one of the mid-range telescopes that is one of the best known and sold. It is a model for which is often recommended on insider forums for those who want to seriously get into Astronomy without breaking the bank.

This version can be used both by beginners in Astronomy, but also by experienced observers who already have some experience in the field. The Skywatcher 150/750 model will allow you to observe the objects of the solar system in a very precise way. This telescope will also allow you to see the deep sky.

Amateur video of what you might observe with this model of telescope:

This telescope is ideal for both beginners and experienced observers.

At the level of planetary observation, this telescope provides a lot of detail. For example, on Mars you can for example see many details of the planets including the polar caps. On Jupiter there will be a lot of visible detail, including color contrast on the surface of the planet and some satellites of the planet may be fairly well observed.

Also note that this model of telescope is ideal for those who want to try their hand at Astrophotography.

The Sky-Watcher Explorer 150/750 Telescope

Advantages of the Sky-Watcher 150/750

  • Versatile telescope
  • Insensitive to vibrations and wind
  • Suitable for astrophotography
  • Strong aluminum tripod

The disadvantages of the Sky-Watcher 150/750

  • Less easy to transport than smaller models: around 24 kg
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