Gift ideas for astronomy

The sky makes you dream and science fascinates… Giving a telescope or a pair of binoculars is guaranteed to please girls and boys alike, younger as teenagers. Are you looking for a gift idea for an astronomy enthusiast? Some books promise a journey to the heart of the International Space Station. To put stars in the eyes of your children or loved ones, follow the guide.

Telescopes for children and teenagers as a gift

It’s never too early to develop children’s curiosity! A telescope is the ideal gift to invite them to observe the sky, contemplate the stars, become aware of the constellations and other planets. It’s even more than just a gift, it’s an educational instrument/game that can accompany them for many years or even help them find their vocation.
How to choose between the many models offered in stores or on sites like Amazon? Without going into technical details (eyepieces, tube, etc.), magnification is essential to see further than the bottom of the garden. The telescope you give to a teenager will not be the same as the one for your youngest. The easiest way is to choose according to age and to favor a good ratio quality/price. Here are some easy-to-use, robust models that will also delight many adult astronomy enthusiasts.

  • 4-8 years old, the Buki-9004 Mini Sciences (€32.90). This binocular model (x15, ⌀35 mm) with focusing wheel and tripod (30 cm) is a bestseller. This is THE model that will allow the little ones to discover the sky day and night. Included: 10 illustrated awakening activity sheets and a parent’s booklet.
  • 8-12 years old. Buki telescopes 15 activities  (€34.90) or 30 activities (€47.99) will delight pre-teens. Objective lens (⌀ 50 mm), interchangeable eyepieces… supplied with sky map and booklet of 30 stargazing activities.
  • From 12 years old, choose the  Emarth Astronomical 70mm(€76.49) with adjustable tripod. High quality optics, high magnification… it has everything a great!

Choosing a telescope, or even a simple astronomical telescope, is always a great idea.

Offer a pair of binoculars

Another gift idea that will occupy and stimulate the curiosity of children for hours. You will find them at all prices and in different qualities. Choose a good magnifying power, it is all the same the expected effect… No need to overpay for a 1st pair, the manufacturers offer binoculars/toys colored, resistant from 10 €. From 4 years old, they will loveJRD&BS 8×21 or the Gift Box Monte Stivo® 8×21 binoculars, magnifying glass and compass (€26.90).
For older children, choose according to your budget and specific characteristics (waterproofing, solidity, weight , design…). The  Bushnell PowerView 10×32 (€41.00) binoculars promise night vision with good image quality. On hikes to observe the sky and the birds, on trips… it’s a safe bet that they will never part with your gift!

You can get more information about binoculars on our dedicated page.< /p>

Offer a book on astronomy

Why not choose one of the books by (or about) the emblematic French astronaut? From 6 years old, children will love L ‘incredible destiny of Thomas Pesquet, astronaut (2022), a very instructive illustrated novel (€6.50). The older ones will be delighted to receive Terre(s) (€28.90), a magnificent hardcover book of sublime photos taken and commented on by the star of the ISS (2017). It is even the “must have” for all generations who will discover the scientific mission and our planet seen from space. Expanding Universe. The Hubble Space Telescope (2020), best-selling astrophotography book is also unmissable (€46.13).

If you want to know more about all the existing books on astronomy, check out our dedicated page.

Be aware that all the prices mentioned are indicative and that the list of gift ideas is endless! Puzzle or board games on the theme of space, sky projector, moon lamp, Lego space shuttle, planetarium… you will no longer need to rack your brains for Christmas or the birthday of someone you know.