Where to buy your telescope?

Do you want to buy a telescope for someone close to you to explore the mysteries of the sky? It is important to take time for reflection. Take the time to study the market to select the product that meets your expectations and your budget. Here are the different purchasing options available to you.

In store

Telescopes sold in supermarkets are often of poor quality. Thus, specialty stores are a better option. In the shops that offer astronomy equipment, you will find a wide choice as well as advisers with whom you can discuss face-to-face. The expertise of trained salespeople will be a major asset. Some brands even give you the opportunity to  test the telescope before finalizing your choice. Several references enjoy a solid reputation. You are spoiled for choice.


To buy a telescope on the internet, it is best to select a reseller with an already well-established reputation. Astroshop is the ultimate reference for buy a telescope in France for several years. On the French-speaking platform of this  German brand, you can consult their wide range of products. Also, you will notice that the brands offered are premium quality. They are available at very affordable prices. By purchasing a telescope in the Astroshop e-store, it will be taken care of by the shipping service, which is responsible for sending your order to you intact and without any damage.

Distinguished by excellent customer service, you will have the opportunity to speak with an advisor in French or English. If you notice a defect or any problem at the reception, the after-sales service is very responsive.


The Amazon e-commerce store features a secure shopping option that allows you to gift a quality telescope. By making your purchase on Amazon, you are guaranteed to benefit from the excellent after-sales service of this global online retail giant. Also, it gives you more flexibility to choose the right telescope for you from the comfort of your home. You can visit the verified stores of the most recommended brands on the market, and read reviews from past customers to help you decide.

Avoid second-hand telescopes

The question of budget is a detail that should not be overlooked when buying a telescope. Although there are more and more astronomy enthusiasts, this tool is still quite expensive. This is why many people turn to  sales between individuals. Indeed, the second-hand market is full of ads that may seem interesting at first glance. However, it should not be forgotten that the acquisition of a second-hand telescope does not put you protected from a bad surprise. It may have defective parts that hinder its proper functioning. Avoid this risk especially if it is a gift to offer. Also, to be sure of getting a good deal, don’t forget to compare the price offered by this person with their selling price.

To ensure the honesty of the person who posted the sale announcement, they will allow you to test the equipment by making night observations. If she refuses, tell yourself that the telescope might contain a hidden defect and that she is trying to get rid of it. Ask her about whyshe sells her telescope.

Finally, have the presence of mind to request a purchase invoice to verify the date of acquisition. Remember that in this type of transaction, you will not have the opportunity to make a claim. It is therefore important to be sure that your interlocutor is honest so as not to waste your money on equipment of dubious quality.