The Omegon N 114/900 EQ-1 Telescope

The Omegon N 114/900 EQ-1 telescope is one of the classic Newton types, invented by Isaac Newton. This type of telescope no longer has to prove itself, it has already done so since it was put on the market, that is more than three centuries ago now.

Telescope Omegon

Equipped with an EQ-1 mount and a 114/900 lens, this product offers an aperture ratio of 1:7.9 to delight apprentices in astronomy. All at a relatively decent price for such a device. Which makes it the telescope that holds the top spot on the podium in its price range.

Possible observations

If the objective of a telescope is to be able to observe elements that are far from us, in the sky, this does not mean that all telescopes have the same potential and allow us to see the same things in identical precision and quality.

With the Omegon N114/900 EQ-1 telescope and its 114 mm mirror, you have the possibility to observe planets as well as other deep sky objects. strong> (single stars and multiple stars). You can discover planets such as Saturn, Mars, Jupiter’s moons.

With good observation conditions, you will be able to distinguish interesting structures for an astronomy enthusiast. The high light-gathering capacity at the edges is a great advantage for observing the main clusters in the sky.

Advantages of the Omegon N 114/900 EQ-1

A telescope like the one I am showing you today has many advantages that make it relatively pleasant to use. Here is what we can learn from this product:

  • It is very easy to ride, even for someone who has had very little opportunity to ride one, if ever.
  • His mount is stable, which allows you to enjoy an observation of several hours.
  • Its mount is light and takes up little space, which makes the device relatively easy to move to make your best observations.
  • The mount can be optimized thanks to a combination with a tracking motor.
  • The 114 mm mirror allows you to ‘observe planets in a relatively clear way and optimize your observation when the right conditions are met.
  • Best quality/price ratio in this price range.

The disadvantages of the Omegon N 114/900 EQ-1

Like any product, this telescope also has drawbacks, which make its use less efficient than with other products. It is obvious that what is a disadvantage for some is not a disadvantage for you. It all depends on what you use it for. Here is the list, for your information:

  • Magnification limited to about 230 times to get a sharp image.
  • Very unsatisfactoryastrophotography and nature observation not recommended< /strong>.
  • Quite sketchy detailsdespite the possibility of observing the beauty of the objects.
  • A relative solidity compared to products of slightly higher range.
  • Not suitable for professionals
  • Not suitable for people with minimum experience in the field of astrology or who are looking for a specific product in their expectations or in observation
Le TĂ©lescope Omegon N 114/900 EQ-1

Who is the Omegon N 114/900 EQ-1 suitable for?

The world of astronomy is a world that is being discovered a little more every day. It is with experience that you become more and more demanding of the equipment you use.

While the Omegon N114/00 EQ-1 is a good product, it remains especially suitable for people who wish to develop their knowledge of astronomy strong>, that is, for beginners. Indeed, this telescope is very easy to handle in its assembly and use. Even the price is suitable for people who aim to acquire a quality product, without emptying their bank account, especially for a start. We can say that all these criteria make it the most credible beginner’s telescope on the market. I think if you are already very involved in astrology, chances are you are looking for a telescope that gives you greater skills. This does not mean that it cannot be suitable for people experienced in the field of astronomy, but rather that it is not suitable for professionals.

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