The Omegon 150/750 Telescope

At nightfall, we witness a most moving spectacle when the weather allows it. Indeed, the moon, the stars sparkle with a thousand lights and it is a marvel that we can see even with the naked eye. For those who would like to see a little more, a telescope is welcome.


When we talk about astronomy, this word can scare some people. But don’t worry, because even beginners can get started. Indeed, some telescopes like the Omegon N 150/750 EQ-3 are suitable for beginners to take the first step. Here are some key features of this telescope:

  • Great resolving power, thanks to the 150mm aperture
  • 31.75mm focuser with long focusing range for localization objects
  • Collimation screw for primary and secondary mirrors
  • Compact instrument – only 66 cm long

The Omegon N 150/750 EQ-3 is a telescope that has several advantages, especially on the budget side because it is quite affordable. That’s one factor that lessens our worries a bit, isn’t it? Admittedly, its stability needs to be reviewed, but it is easy to assemble, so perfect for beginners.

Possible observations

Still at Omegon, this Newton-type telescope is already a serious introduction to starting out in astronomy. With its 150/750 optics which gives us an f/D ratio of 5, it is able to spot dim deep sky objects such as nebulae, globular cluster and other distant galaxies. So there really is plenty to do with this device.

Advantages of the Omegon N 150750 EQ-3

The Omegon N 150750 EQ-3 has several attractive aspects. First, its equatorial mount provides considerable comfort for the user to follow the pointed object with precision. In addition, it is compatible with automatic tracking engines which makes this telescope very interesting since it opens up the possibility of doing astrophotography with a price that will not hurt our wallet. Indeed, less than 299 € for the Omegon Telescope N 150/750 EQ-3 and less than a hundred euros for its additional tracking engine.

The disadvantages of the Omegon N 150750 EQ-3

With its more than affordable price, this telescope has some disadvantages. First, the arrows indicating hours or degrees are in black on black. Therefore it is not easy to tell them apart. However, a little brush stroke may improve the visualization. In addition, the screws of the brakes, and even all the others, are made of hard plastic and sore the fingers after 5 minutes according to the holders of this instrument . Finally, its stability is not perfect so here too it will be necessary to find a D system in order to anchor it well in the ground. 

The Omegon 150/750 Telescope

Who is the Omegon N 150750 EQ-3 suitable for?

It goes without saying that the Omegon N 150750 EQ-3 is suitable both for those who want to get into astronomy for the first time but also for those who already have some solid knowledge of astronomical observations. Indeed, we had seen above that its price is very interesting which allows novices not to feel too guilty if they ever decide that this discipline does not suit them.

This telescope also allows you to gently familiarize yourself with the various manipulations. Therefore, the Omegon N 150750 EQ-3 should be considered among the choices offered in telescopes. Furthermore, the 150/750 EQ-3 is currently the largest and most capable telescope in the Omegon Basic series. The galaxy is now open to you!

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