The Skywatcher 70/700 Telescope

SkyWatcher is one of the most famous brands in the world of telescopes. That’s why the entry-level Skywatcher AC 70/700 Mercury AZ-2 telescope is the telescope that caught our eye. It is suitable for those who have a reduced budget but still want to start Astronomy seriously.

Like the other Skywatcher models that serve as its big brother (130/900 and 150/750), this telescope is ideal for starting to observe the planets of the solar system. The lens has an anti-reflective coating.


Let’s start with the most important in terms of observations with a telescope. What can expect to see with the Skywatcher AC 70/700?

Let’s start with the moon. This telescope will allow you to see all the lunar details with precision. Regarding the planets of the solar system, some will already be observable with certain details impossible to see with the naked eye. This is the case for Mars, Jupiter and its 4 main satellites, as well as Saturn, its superb rings and some of its satellites as well.

The mount of the telescope is azimuth, which means that you can make your observations directly without complex settings. This type of mount allows intuitive pointing of an object.

For information, the other type of mount that you will find on other telescopes is the mount is equatorial. This is often heavier, more complex to make and set up. This is more for regulars.

Watching the moon with the telescope:

Advantages of the Skywatcher AC 70/700 Mercury

  • Ease of use
  • Observation of nature and certain terrestrial objects possible
  • Robust and easy to transport
  • Minimal investment to know if Astronomy will please you

The disadvantages of the Skywatcher 70/700

  • Entry-level telescope: Observation of nebulae and distant objects will not be possible
  • Made mainly of plastic

Should I choose the Sky-Wwatcher 70/700?

For children and beginners who don’t really know Astronomy, this telescope is the one that will be recommended. It allows you to begin Astronomy without too much difficulty. The observations made will remain in the solar system, which for a beginner remains the most impressive.

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