The Omegon 70/700 Telescope

Formerly reserved for insiders, the observation of the Milky Way and celestial objects is now something accessible to lovers of galactic splendours. Indeed, with the right equipment, anyone can bring the sky and the stars closer to their eyes to better scrutinize them. Among these materials, the Omegon 70/700 telescope, this gateway to the world of stars, is the focus of our attention.

omegon telescope

Possible observations

The Omegon 70/700 differs from classic initiation telescopes by its o70 mm aperture which offers a large < strong>resolution, with magnification up to 140x. It even allows you to see details of Jupiter, Marsand Saturn.

Obviously, it also allows you to contemplate the moon and its splendid landscape of craters whose appearance changes according to the phase in which the star appears.  However, the observations possible with the Omegon 70/700 Telescope are not only at night.

With a thinned prism or an image rectifier, the user has the possibility of making observations in broad daylight. For focusing, he can use the wheel located on the focuser and which acts on it by means of a rack, which allows ultra-precise adjustment, for unique viewing experience.

Advantages of the Omegon 70/700

Given its characteristics, to say that the Omegon 70/700 is an astronomical gem would be nothing more or less than an understatement. Indeed, among other assets, we recognize that it is:

  • Very easy to assemble. Just set up the tripod with the mount and put the telescope on it and the observation can begin without you even having to worry about alignment strong> of the device;
  • Equipped with an AZ 2 azimuth mount which facilitates terrestrial observations, especially for children and people who are just starting out in astronomy;
  • Equipped with a tripod that offers the possibility of adjustment to a height between 71 and 121 cm;
  • Wider than traditional initiation telescopes, with a 70cm aperture that offers great resolution;
  • Capable of collecting 36% more light than 60mm telescopes and deliver sharp images with excellent contrast;
  • Comes with a large 80-page manual describing the B-A-BA of the telescope.

The disadvantages of the Omegon 70/700

Like all devices, the Omegon 70/700 does not only have advantages. The instrument also has some weaknesses that should be shared. These include::

  • Prohibitive price;
  • Its practical design for the initiation of beginners, but not very suitable for adults and regulars telescopes
  • Its chromatic aberration and the slight blurring that appears when no correction is made.
Le télescope Omegon 70/700

Who is the Omegon 70/700 suitable for?

As you may have noticed in the previous sections, the Omegon 70/700 is more suitable for beginners in astronomy and to children.

With a classic and attractive design, it was above all designed to allow great ease of use without the need for prior adjustment. This telescope is the perfect instrument for beginners in astronomy.

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